Welcome to the DICE Project Homepage!

DICE is a new Horizon 2020 research and innovation action started in February 2015, funded under the ICT-09-2014 sub-call. DICE aims at defining a framework for quality-driven development of Big Data applications.

DICE will offer a novel UML profile and tools that will help software designers reasoning about reliability, safety and efficiency of data-intensive applications. The DICE methodology will cover quality assessment, architecture enhancement, continuous testing and agile delivery, relying on principles of the emerging DevOps paradigm.

In order to support the development of high-quality data-intensive applications, DICE aims at:

  • Tackling skill shortage and steep learning curves in quality-driven development and Big Data technologies through open source development tools, models, and methods.
  • Shortening the time to market for data-intensive applications that meet quality requirements, thus reducing costs for independent software vendors, while increasing value for end users.
  • Reducing the number and the severity of quality-related incidents by iteratively learning application runtime behavior, feeding back the information to the developers.