Year 3 Presentations (Feb 2017-Jan 2018)
SAC 201704/04/2017Formal Verification of Storm Topologies through D-VerT
QUDOS 201704/27/2017Capacity Allocation for Big Data Applications in the Cloud
QUDOS 201704/27/2017DevOps Performance Engineering: A Quasi-Ethnographical Study
QUDOS 201704/27/2017Quality Assessment in DevOps Automated Analysis of a Tax Fraud Detection System
QUDOS 201704/27/2017Towards DevOps for Privacy-by-Design in Data-Intensive Applications: A Research Roadmap
QUDOS 201704/27/2017Towards Omnia a Monitoring Factory for Quality-Aware DevOps
S4CIP 201704/29/2017Using Process Mining and Model-Driven Engineering to Enhance Security of Web Information Systems
ICSE-TB 201705/23/2017DevOps: Introducing Infrastructure-as-Code
ACM SIGMETRICS 201706/08/2017Accelerating Performance Inference over Closed Systems by Asymptotic Methods
SPIN 201707/13/2017Formal Verification of Data-Intensive Applications through Model Checking Modulo Theories
FMi 201708/05/2017Performance Analysis of Apache Storm Applications using Stochastic Petri Nets
QEST 201709/07/2017Tulsa: A Tool for Transforming UML to Layered Queueing Networks for Performance Analysis of Data Intensive Applications
UCAAT 201710/11/2017Testing Big Data Applications at Design Time and Runtime with DICE
ASE 201710/30/2017Privacy-Aware Data-Intensive Applications
IFIP Performance 201711/13/2017Performance Evaluation with Java Modelling Tools
DevOpsDays Warsaw 201711/21/2017DICE: Quality-Aware DevOps For Big Data Applications
InfQ 201712/04/2017Performance Degradation and Cost Impact Evaluation of Privacy Preserving Mechanisms in Big Data Systems
VSS 201712/21/2017DICE: a Model-Driven DevOps Framework for Big Data
SE4SA Cluster01/16/2018DICE: Quality-Aware DevOps For Big Data Applications
Year 2 Presentations (Feb 2016-Jan 2017)
ICPE 201603/13/2016Automated Parameterization of Performance Models from Measurements
WICSA 201604/06/2016Continuous Architecting of Stream-Based Systems
Cloud Expo Europe 201604/12/2016DICE: Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements
BIGDSE 201605/16/2016Towards a Model-Driven Design Tool for Big Data Architectures
QUDOS 201607/21/2016A Software Architecture Framework for Quality-Aware DevOps
QUDOS 201607/21/2016A Systematic Approach for Performance Evaluation using Process Mining: The POSIDONIA Operations Case Study
QUDOS 201607/21/2016A Tool for Verification of Big-Data Applications
QUDOS 201607/21/2016DICE Fault Injection Tool
QUDOS 201607/21/2016Model-Driven Continuous Deployment for Quality DevOps
QUDOS 201607/21/2016Towards a UML Profile for Data Intensive Applications
ESOCC 201609/05/2016Quality-Aware Development of Big Data Applications with DICE
ICFEM 201611/17/2016Towards the Formal Verification of Data-Intensive Applications Through Metric Temporal Logic
ICA3PP 201612/15/2016D-SPACE4Cloud: A Design Tool for Big Data Applications
ICA3PP 201612/15/2016Modeling Performance of Hadoop Applications A Journey from Queueing Networks to Stochastic Well Formed Nets
Year 1 Presentations (Feb 2015-Jan 2016)
Cloud Expo Europe 201503/12/2015DICE: Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements
MiSE 201505/17/2015DICE: Quality-Driven Development of Data-Intensive Cloud Applications
ESOCC 201509/15/2015Towards Quality-Aware Development of Big Data Applications with DICE
MICAS 201509/22/2015DICE: Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements
QUDOS 201509/01/2015Filling the Gap: A Tool to Automate Parameter Estimation for Software Performance Models
QUDOS 201509/01/2015Modelling Multi-tier Enterprise Applications Behaviour with Design of Experiments Technique
QUDOS 201509/01/2015SPACE4Cloud: A DevOps Environment for Multi-cloud Applications