This page will publish all project public deliverables. The first public deliverable is due by end of July 2015.

Year 1 Deliverables (Feb 2015-Jan 2016)
D1.1State of the art analysis
D1.2Requirement specification
D1.3Architecture definition and integration plan - Initial version
D2.1Design and quality abstractions - Initial version
D3.2DICE simulation tools - Initial version
D3.5DICE verification tools - Initial version
D4.1Monitoring and data warehousing tools - Initial version
D5.1DICE delivery tools - Initial version
Year 2 Deliverables (Feb 2016-Jan 2017)
D1.4Architecture Definition and Integration Plan - Final Version
D1.5DICE Framework - Initial Version
D2.2Design and Quality Abstractions - Final Version
D2.3Deployment Abstractions - Initial Version
D3.1Transformations to Analysis Models
D3.3DICE Simulation Tools - Intermediate Version
D3.6DICE Verification Tools - Intermediate Version
D3.8DICE Optimization Tools - Initial Version
D4.2Monitoring and Data Warehousing Tools - Final Version
D4.3Quality Anomaly Detection and Trace Checking Tools - Initial Version
D4.5Iterative Quality Enhancement Tools - Initial Version
D5.2DICE Delivery Tools - Intermediate Version
D5.4DICE Testing Tool - Initial Version
D5.6Cloud Testbed Setup
D6.1Demonstrators Implementation Plan
Year 3 Deliverables (Feb 2017-Jan 2018)
D2.4Deployment Abstractions - Final Version