Welcome to the DICE Project Homepage! DICE is an Horizon 2020 research and innovation action started in February 2015, funded under the ICT-09-2014 sub-call. DICE aims at defining a framework for quality-aware DevOps for Big Data applications.

DICE offers a framework consisting of an Eclipse-based IDE, a UML profile and runtime tools to help software designers reasoning about reliability, correctness, and efficiency of data-intensive applications. Supported open source technologies include Apache Storm, Spark, Hadoop/MapReduce, Cassandra, and MongoDB. Using the DICE methodology it is possible to perform quality assessment, architecture enhancement, continuous testing and agile delivery on applications processing streaming and batch workloads.

This introductory video summarizes some of the main features of the DICE framework. Additional technical and research information can be found on this website, for a commercial presentation please also check our MultiClouds alliance page.