DICE: DevOps for Big Data


DICE is the first open source framework for quality-aware DevOps for Big Data applications. With DICE, software vendors and developers can efficiently prototype new data-intensive applications at low cost, quickly creating business cases and proof-of-concepts for Big data technologies.

DICE is a research collaboration among 9 leading organizations in European universities and SMEs, sponsored by the Horizon 2020 programme.


The open source release of the DICE framework is free of charge and offers to development and operations teams:

  • An Eclipse-based IDE implementing the DICE DevOps methodology
  • A new UML profile to design data-intensive applications
  • OASIS TOSCA-compliant deployment and orchestration on cloud VMs and containers
  • Monitoring and anomaly detection tools based on Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana
  • Support for open source Apache platforms such as Storm, Spark, Hadoop, and Cassandra.

To learn more about the DICE tools, please visit the DICE Knowledge Repository and the DICE blog.